Data services related to the Drivability of Rural Roads

Bareways develops technologies to provide road condition information on a global scale and in real time. Therefore, data from various sources - maps, weather forecasts, satellite imagery, road and vehicle sensors - will be aggregated, calibrated, and analyzed with AI methods. The core technology focuses on the recognition and prediction of patterns and trends on inhomogeneous and incomplete data. The solution will be the first product that addresses specifically, globally, and close to real-time the challenges of rural mobility.- This can be achieved based on the automotive startup- and T1-experience of the founders and core team. Bareways has registered 5 patents, the first one has been granted (DE) in 2021.  


General information

Maturity: Demonstrator
Patented: Yes

Contact of the technology provider:

Maria-Goeppert-Str. 3
23562 Lübeck

Tel.: +4917610216788

Ready-to-use Interfaces to other Tools and Systems
Reference Customers
    two German OEMs