Kauz Chat & Search

GFFT Rank: 10

Chat & Search: Kauz developed the
remarkable technology Chat & Search
so that your employees can work more
efficiently. With Chat & Search it
becomes easier and more structured to
find documents, articles and
instructions. This extraordinary
technology already improves the search
results of customers by 25 - 40 % in
comparison to the regular search.  


General information

Maturity: Product
Patented: No

Direct contact:


Contact person: Sven Wilms
Tel.: +49-211-3004-9622
Email: sven.wilms@kauz.net

Contact of the technology provider:

Kauz GmbH
Erasmusstraße 25
40223 Düsseldorf

Tel.: +49-211-3004-9622
Email: info@kauz.net

Ready-to-use Interfaces to other Tools and Systems
    databases and wikis
Reference Customers
    R+V Insurance