NATIX Vision

NATIX gives cameras brains and makes them GDPR compliant. Connect an off-the-shelf AI processors (Edge Computers) to any camera, install our software on them, and let the AI detect the event of your choice. Upon detection, a notification with annonymized footage is sent to our dashboard or any client of your choice.

Our platform enables you to turn any camera into a multipurpose sensor that can support you with application ranging from parking management to occupancy control and safety and security. With our toolkits, you can build different privacy-preserving AI in only few lines of code, bring them to the camera over-the-air and run multiple AIs in parallel, manage the workflow, view the events in an intuitive dashboard and act upon them.  


2021-03-31: 2 new products
Zone security Monitoring and Crowd Density were developed and are currently at use by E.ON and City of Den Haag

2020-10-31: Second Product
Parking Spot monitoring is the second use-case that was developed for the public utility company of the city of Lubeck and later on commercialized by us.

2020-05-31: First Product (Virtual Doorman)
Our first use-case using our platform which was created for COVID regulation monitoring. The solution is sold to companies like Deutsche Telekom, Travekom and more.

2020-02-29: Platform Idea
We came across the idea of creating a platform that makes cameras smart and GDPR compliant

General information

Business Unit: Organizational intelligence
Branch: NA
Maturity: Product
Patented: No

Contact of the technology provider:

Große Bleichen 32
20354 Hamburg

Tel.: +49-405-24759176

Ready-to-use Interfaces to other Tools and Systems
Reference Customers
    City of Den Haag, E.ON/E.DIS, Stadtwerke Lübeck, Deutsche Telekom