Saving and Investing

With rubarb, everyone can save as they spend, define savings goals and invest their savings in globally diversified and sustainable ETF portfolios. The free to use app only product helps people to have more money for their dreams.  


2021-07-06: Launch of Goal-based Savings
Customers of the rubarb app can now save for any and as many of their dreams as they like, setting a time and monetary goal, if they like, and choosing one out of three globally diversified and sustainable ETF- portfolios.

2020-11-25: Go-live of rubarb app
rubarb was made available to the public on late November 2020 - the app only product can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

2020-07-18: Obtained BaFin licence
rubarb is fully licensed by German regulatory authority BaFin and can use EU-passporting for geographical expansion.

2019-10-16: Company founded
rubarb was founded by Kelvin Craig (CTO) and the brothers Jakob (CPO) and Fabian Scholz (CEO).

General information

Maturity: Product
Patented: No

Contact of the technology provider:

rubarb GmbH
Speersort 4-6

Tel.: +49-151-72552525

Ready-to-use Interfaces to other Tools and Systems
    PSD2 - open banking
Reference Customers
    B2C - many thousand consumers from Germany