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GFFT Rank: 10.00

Vereign establishes authenticity in digital interactions by connecting verified identities via computing devices, applying them to electronically sign documents, wordpress articles and e-mails and securing hashes of the digital exchange with one-time keys on the blockchain for an immutable audit log. Designed as a self-sovereign identity suite and federated authentication layer that resides with the user, both corporations and individuals can run their own instances and use it directly from within major e-mail clients and office suites. The interactions result in a verified and active address book disclosing personal data selected and maintained by the contacts themselves. This can then be used for many other applications, e.g. as a client maintained and auto-synchronised CRM.  


OAuth2 based Login, Gmail plug-in, Outlook Add-in, e-Signing with LibreOffice Online and Vereign Dashboard

2018: Beta test within a community of approx. 100 tech enthusiasts
Gmail plug-in and e-Signing with LibreOffice Online


Vereign AG
Kolinplatz 10
6300 Zug

General Information

Headquarter: 6300 Zug
Employees: 17
Founded: 2017

Ready-to-use Interfaces to other Tools and Systems
Reference Customers
    YAPEAL AG ,Immobilien Atelier AG, Biz Labs Lt