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GFFT Rank: 6.25

Xapix is a fast, flexible, and user-friendly data integration platform designed to meet highest demands. With our platform we solve challenges at the intersection of connecting endpoints, harmonizing data and sharing it with other stakeholders. A key differentiation point lies in the real time capabilities which we have proven with a number of customers in the mobility and IoT space. Xapix is a backend to remove integration complexity. We integrate legacy and modern data: Xapix means data transformation in the cloud, on premises, and on the vehicle across modern and legacy formats. In doing that, we are taking a partner-centric approach. Xapix is a visual editor with an intuitive mapping ensuring low integration hurdles and high data security. This way, we’re building a shared data platform for engineers. Xapix is a shared API mediation layer with full data control on the customer level and provide a comprehensive privacy and security framework. For more information and use case examples see  


2019: Xapix On-Prem Support
Xapix Ambassadors to run in on premises environments

2019: Xapix Automation Tool
Xapix Automation, Xapix Extensions, Xapix Cloud OS

Extend support to streaming data, web services and databases – Xapix Streams, Services Health

2017: Xapix API Orchestration Tool
Access, combine and share APIs – Xapix Studio & API Gateway


Xapix Inc
Ritterstr. 24-26
10969 Berlin
Tel.: +1 206 930 1652

General Information

Headquarter: 10969 Berlin
Employees: 15
Founded: 2016

Ready-to-use Interfaces to other Tools and Systems
    APIs, web services, event streams, databases (incl systems of MS Azure, AWS, SAP, Oracle, PostgreSQL etc)
Reference Customers
    Daimler Trucks AG, BMW AG, Goodyear