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msg.IDEAROOMS – Rethinking Innovation Processes
Successful innovation is no sure-fire success. It\'s usually the result of an elaborate and complex management process. The integrative innovation and collaboration platform msg.IDEAROOMS optimizes this process. This way, your company can continuously create and achieve innovation through systematic idea generation and digital cooperation.

Whether in the business environment or software development, across the entire company or in individual areas. msg.IDEAROOMS is highly versatile and flexible. Thanks to the platform’s modular design, you can either use it at a specific innovation point or map the entire innovation process. We provide you with independent consultancy.  


2021-07-15: MS Teams integration
Integration of msg.IDEAROOMS IDEATION in Microsoft Teams to combine to powerfull tools.

2020-12-22: IDEAROOMS Modules
IDEAROOMS Scouting IDEAROOMS Ideation IDEAROOMS Survey IDEAROOMS Funding IDEAROOMS Organize IDEAROOMS Experience IDEAROOMS Integrations (Jira, GitLab, Youtube, Events, File Manager)

2020-05-01: IDEAROOMS Cocreate 2020
Project: msg.IDEAROOMS celebrates a successful premiere at CoCreate2020 - an open innovation workshop

Enables you to achieve a permanently high frequency in innovation

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Ready-to-use Interfaces to other Tools and Systems
    Atlassian Jira, Microsoft Teams, MS Active Directory, GitLab, Youtube, Zoom
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    Bundesministerium für Digitalisierung und Wirtschaftsstandort